Van Wingerden Kees

 1984–1991 — TU Delft (University of Technology, Applied Physics, MSc);
 1995 — PhD (University of Bergen, Applied Physics);
 2004–2005 — MBA course (course with parts of main MBA study; Henley Management College).
Professional experience
 1977–1991 — Prins Maurits Laboratory TNO, Department Gas- and Dust Explosions, Rijswijk, The Netherlands, Researcher, Scientist, Department manager;
 1991–2000 — Christian Michelsen Research, Dept. Process & Safety, Bergen, Norway, Senior Scientist, Assistant manager, Chief scientist, Manager (Department Process and Safety);
 2000–2002 — Gexcon AS, Managing director;
 2000–2002 — Høgskolen Stord-Haugesund, Professor II (parttime);
 2002–2007 — Kidde-Deugra Brandschutzsysteme GmbH (now Kidde Brand und Explosionsschutz GmbH), Мanager department Industrial Explosion Protection;
 2003–2007 — INCOM Explosionsschutz AG, Managing director;
 2007 – now — Gexсon AS, Vice-President.
Research experience
 Development of measuring methods, analysis of measured data and the development of models (such as the Multi- Energy method and the CFD-codes FLACS and Reagas) in the fields of gas explosions, dust explosions and runaway reactions.
 Van Wingerden is author or co-author of more than 100 publications.


ID автора в SCOPUS: 6701310498
Индекc Хирша в SCOPUS: 9