Trubetskoi Kliment Nikolaevich

 Moscow institute of non-ferrous metals and gold named after M.I. Kalinin, specialty «mining engineer».
Professional activity 
 1953–1955 — mine foreman, chief of flushing devices Dalstroy of Mintsvetmet of the USSR;
 1955–1956 — senior technician, chief of Korkinsky hydrosurveying group of «Sibtsvetmetproyekt» of Mintsvetmet of the USSR;
 1961–1967 — senior associate, laboratory head of the Mining Institute named after A.A. Skotchinsky of RAS of the USSR;
 1967–1977 — Institute of Physics of Earth named after O.Yu. Schmidt;
 1977–2003 — Director (from 1987 to 2003) of the Institute of Problems of Complex Subsoil Development of RAS;
 1983–1987 — professor (part-time) of Moscow Mining Institute;
 1996–2001 — member of Presidium of RAS, from 2003 — councilor сof Presidium of RAS;
 2003–2011 — (part-time) MGRI–RGGRU; Department Chairman 
Field of scientific researches 
 The outstanding Russian scientist specializing in the fields of mining sciences and ecology, technogenic transformation, complex development and preservation of the earth interior. Creation of scientific bases of the complex development of geo-resources, formations and use of the equipment and technology at the opened, combined open and underground methods of the development and underground ways of development of the mineral deposits. Development of the theory of formation of technogenic fields with the set parameters and characteristics of the overburden rocks and off-balance reserves of the mineral raw materials for the subsequent extraction of all geo-resources, promotion and justification of ideas on the natural-scientific content and classification of mining sciences as on the system of knowledge of the regularities and the methods of the controlled technogenic transformation of the earth interior. Creation of the theoretical bases of efficiency increase in mining enterprises operation due to automation of management of the main and auxiliary technological processes. The basis in IPKON RAN of laboratory of the ecologically balanced development of the subsoil.
Scientific achievements
 Orders of «For Merit to the Fatherland» of the III and IV degrees, Honour, Order of Peoples' Friendship; badge of honor «Miner's Glory» and «Mining Glory» of the I, II and III of degrees; the state awards of the USSR, the Russian Federation, four awards of the Government of the Russian Federation, an award of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of education, two awards and the gold medal named after N.V. Melnikov of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and RAS; the medal in the name of K.E. Tsiolkovsky; the badge of merit «For honorable service to Moscow»; medals of B. Krupinsky (Poland), «300 years of the German-Russian cooperation in mining». The winner of the Demidov award for outstanding researches in the field of mining sciences, the award «Legend of Mining Industry», the owner of the rank «Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation».
Membership in the professional associations 
 The Chairman of the Scientific council of RAS on the problems of mining sciences, the member of the scientific and editorial board of the Big Russian Encyclopedia, the editor-in-chief of the abstract journal «Gornoye Delo», the member of the editorial board of the «Occupational safety in industry» journal, the member of the Council on award of the prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation in science and technology.
 The author of 900 scientific works published in Russia and abroad, including 58 monographs, 7 textbooks and more than 110 patents for inventions. Co-author of the edition « Encyclopedia of life sustaining systems» (Oxford, 2002).


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