Rafat Godrat

 1969–1977 Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt, Geology & Geophysics, Dipl.-Geol., Dr. phil. Nat., Associate Professor;
 1997 — now Associated Professor at the Moscow State Mining University.
Professional experience
 Geomonitoring and Geotechnical Consultant (infrastructure and mining projects).
 Conception and implementation of a new Drilling-DataBase: Drill Core Stock Images.
 Application of geostatistic methods to determine the distribution of main fractures in coal deposits.
 Experience in the technique of underground water and gas flow simulation.
 Application of special software required for the hard coal industry for acquisition and presentation of geological data.
 Application of the stereophotogrammetric methods for the use of fracture analysis of under and open pit mines (Ruhr area, New York, Botswana, South Africa, South Korea).
 Consulting on geotechnical structures (underground and surface). 35-year professional experience of work in more than 25 countries (such as Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, China).
 Collaboration with the scientists of Moscow State Mining University allowed to implement many Russian-German scientific projects. For example, the project of hydrogeological investigation of contamination around Karachai lake and construction of the Lefortovo tunnel in Moscow, as well as the project of seismic equipment application in one of the mines in Vorkuta.
 40 years of experience in the German coal industry. Structural modeling of deposits, the inventor of the core-scanner.
 Patents and inventions (digital Geo-tools) in the field of mining, mine surveying, SAR interferometry. Research and developments of software.
Professional society
 German Geological Society;
 German Association of Surveying.
Research Interests
 Geohazard and Geomonitoring. Geotechnical site investigation.
 Zieglerstrasse 26. D-47058 Duisburg/Germany
 Phone/Fax: +49-203-337995. Mobile: +49-173-7173730


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