Pang Chang Wei

1987 — Department of Russian, Heilongjiang University (State key discipline), Bachelor Degree
1995 — Economic History of Soviet Russia, Siberian Research Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Social Sciences (China), Master’s Degree
2002 — Department of Russian Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Chinese Academy of Social Science Graduate School, Doctor's Degree
2010–2011 — Post doctor's Degree of Resource Economics, visiting scholar, Energy Systems Research Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Irkutsk;
2017 — Professor of Russian Smolny College, Saint Petersburg
Professional experience
Since 2002 to present — the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
2007—2009 — Head of the Political Economy and Law Teaching and Research Section
Since 2009 to present — Head of the Petropolitics Research Center, institute-level scientific research platform; Senior Researcher, Energy Strategy Research Institute of China University of Petroleum, Beijing
2009 — promoted as PhD Supervisor of Marxism Nationalization in China (in the area of Ecological Civilization & Energy Security)
Since 2014 to present — Chair Professor, invited by Russia St. Petersburg Tech University, College of Engineering Economy, offer a graduate course «Research on Oil and Gas Resources Market and multinational cooperation» (by Russian)
2016–2017 — Visiting scientist of the Eastern Faculty of St. Petersburg State University
2017 — Director of Center of Russian and central Asia Research
Since 2018 — Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Professional Affiliations
Leaguer, China Russia Eastern Europe Central Asia Institute; Council Member, Chinese and Russian Relation History Council; Member of Academic Committee on Journal of Chinese Petroleum and petrochemical; Member of Petroleum Economics Committee of Petroleum Society of China; Evaluation Expert (2013/09)  Excellent Achievement Prize of Soft Science Research, National Energy Bureau; Director of Energy Law Research Association of China Law Society (2014/08); Researcher Invited Specially International Energy Security Research Center of Chinese Academy of Social Science Graduate School (2014/10)
Research Interests
International politics; energy issues in Russia and Central Asia; powers relations; China's strategy for energy security; theories and practices about ecological civilization; ecological politics, Arctic navigation, etc.
Over 20 articles in international journals, including Russian. Author of more than 50 comments in international journals, co-author of monographs (including one in Russian)
Office Address: № 18 Fu Xue Road, Changping Ared, Beijing, China