Makhutov Nikolay Andreevich

 Doctoral dissertation «Deformation criterion of low-cycle and fragile failure» (1974).
 Professor with a specialization in «Dynamics and strength of machines and structures» since 1978.
 Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences with a specialization in «Machinery» of the Branch of Mechanics, Machinery and operation procedures since 1987. Author of more than 900 scientific works and inventions including more than 50 monographic, encyclopedic and reference publications. 
 Chairman of the Interstate Research Council on Emergency Situations of CIS countries, Chief of the projects complex of the Federal Target Program «Federal target program «Decrease in Risks and Mitigation of the Consequences of Emergency Situations of Natural and Technogenic Character in the Russian Federation», Deputy Research Advisor of the Special Program of the Fundamental Studies of the RAS Presidium «Interdisciplinary fundamental, basic and applied research studies of the analysis problems and management of the system safety with use of criteria of strategic risks», member of the Coordination Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on forecasting.
 Research Advisor of the multi-volume edition «Safety of Russia», chief editor of the scientific and technical journal «Emergency Safety Issues», Editorial board member of the Russian journals «Plant laboratory», «Machinery and Automatization Issues», «Risk Analysis Issues», «Operational Safety in Industry», «Ecology and Industry of the Russian Federation», International journals «Pressure Vessels and Piping», «Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures» (UK), «Technology» (USA), «Strength Issues» (Ukraine), «Mechanika» (Lithuania), Member of the Editorial councils of the following multivolume editions: «Safety of Russia», «Nuclear pile stress analysis», Editorial board member of the newspaper of the International Union of the Minor Fascism Prisoners «Fate».
 Awarded the title of laureate of the Council of Ministers Prize (1983), the Russian Federation Government Prize (2001, 2010) the Russian Federation Government Prize in the field of Science and Technology.


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