Kluev Vladimir Vladimirovich

 1960 — graduated from Machine-building faculty of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MVTU named after N.E. Bauman) as «mechanical engineer».
Professional experience
 1960–1964 — junior researcher of M-8 department of MVTU named after N.E. Bauman;
 1964–1970 — senior research associate, Department head of Niiintroskopiya;
 1970–1976 — Director of Niiintroskopiya;
 since 1976 — General director of Moscow NPO «Spektr»;
 1986 — corresponding member of RAS USSR;
 since 2006 — academician of RAS (department of power, mechanical engineering, mechanics and processes control); 
 1986–1988 — first secretary of Lenin district CPSU committee of Moscow;
 1991 —Chairman of the International committee on standardization, nondestructive control and technical diagnostics; Vice-president of the International Academy of nondestructive control, Member of the European Academy.
Field of scientific researches
 Mechanical engineering, instrument making.
 Famous scientist in the field of nondestructive control and technical diagnostics, engaged in theoretical and pilot studies of the secondary magnetic fields of dispersion. He was the leader of the development of installations of gas pipelines in-line inspection, first national x-ray microtomographs, crawlers for welded joints control, researches in the field of acoustic tomography, eddy-current heat releases, and electromagnetic modulation defectoscopy.
Scientific achievements
 Laureate of the state prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology; prize winner of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology, Council of Ministers of the USSR; he is awarded with the orders «Order of Peoples' Friendship», «Labour Red Banner».
Membership in professional associations
 Head of RAS scientific council on the automated systems of diagnostics and tests; editor-in-chief of the journals: «Control. Diagnostics», «Territory of NDT», associate editor of «Defektoskopiya» jopurnals, «Factory laboratory. Diagnostics of the materials», «Instruments», member of the editorial staff of «Occupational Safety in Industry» journal, chairman of the editorial board of «Repair. Restoration. Modernization» journal.
 Tel.: +7 (499) 245-56-56


ID автора в РИНЦ: 612161
Индекc Хирша в РИНЦ: 29
SPIN-код в РИНЦ: 5933-1043