Kátai-Urbán Lajos

1987–1991 — military engineer, Military Technical College, Kaliningrad, Soviet Union
1990-1991 — military construction engineer, Kossuth Lajos Military College, Szentendre Hungary
1997–1999 — international economic expert, Budapest University of Economics, Hungary
1999–2005 — lawyer, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest Hungary
2006 — PhD in military technical sciences, Zrínyi Miklós University of National Defense, Budapest Hungary
2007–2009 — fire engineer, Szent István University, Budapest Hungary
2016 — Habilitation (disaster management and environment safety), University of Public Service, Budapest Hungary
Professional and scientific experience
1991–1996 — desk officer, River Flotilla, Hungarian Armed Forces, Budapest, Hungary
1996–1999 — desk officer, deputy director, National Centre for Industrial Safety, National Headquarter of Civil Protection, Ministry of Interior (MoI), Budapest, Hungary
1998–2010 — member, European Integration Intergovernmental Committee for Environment Protection, Hungary
1999–2011 — national representative, Committee for Competent Authorities - SEVESO II. Directive, EC Directorate General for Environment
2000–2008 — member, Working Group of Implementation, UN ECE IAC
2000–2011 — desk officer, deputy head of Department for Industrial Safety, National Directorate General for Disaster Management MoI, Budapest, Hungary
2000–2011 — national representative, UN Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Industrial Accident’s Convention; deputy chairmen, Bureau of the UN ECE (2004–2008)
From 2012 — associate professor, Head of Department for Industrial Safety, Institute of Disaster Management, University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary
Member, Hungarian Society for Military Sciences; honorary member, International Association of Safety Advisors for the Transport of Dangerous Goods; member, Eötvös Loránd Physical Society; member, Hungarian Association of Law Enforcement. 
Research interests
Prevention of major industrial accidents involving dangerous substances, dangerous goods logistics, transportation of dangerous goods, international cooperation on environment safety.
Adviser for Civil Protection (2003), Chief advisor for Fire Protection (2018).