Ferapontov Aleksey Viktorovich

 Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering;
 Russian State Open Technical Transport University; Moscow Law Enforcement Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs USSR (Advanced Training Faculty).
Professional Experience 
 Moscow Radio Plant;
 1989 — service in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow;
 Deputy general director of OAO Rosgorsstrakh and OSAO Ingosstrakh;
 2001–2003 — service in the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
 from 2003 is working in the system of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia, Rostechnadzor, Deputy director of FGUP VO Bezopasnost and FGUP «NTC «Industrial Safety»;
 from 2008 — Deputy leader, and from November 17, 2010 — State Secretary — Deputy leader of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.
Field of scientific researches 
 With his direct participation on March 4, 2013 were adopted: the Federal Law № 22-FZ «On introduction of changes in the Federal law «On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities», some legislative acts of the Russian Federation and on the recognition of became invalid of sub-paragraph 114 of paragraph 1 of Article 333.33 of the second part of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation» which has made essential changes to the acts of the Russian Federation that have defined the state policy in the field of industrial safety for long term.
Scientific achievements 
 He was awarded the Medal of the Order «For Merits to the Fatherland» of the II degree, the Order «Academician I.V. Kurchatov» of the II degree, medals of Rostechnadzor named after Yakov Bruce and the anniversary medal «290 years», Rosatom «65 years of nuclear industry of Russia», the breast badge «the Order named after V.I. Vernadsky». He has the honorary mention of the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the rank «Honorary Power Engineer» and «Honorary Worker of the Fuel and Energy Complex» of Minenergo of Russia.
 The author of more than 15 published scientific works and articles.
 Tel.: +7 (495) 645-94-84; fax (495) 645-94-85


ID автора в РИНЦ: 942315
Индекc Хирша в РИНЦ: 6
SPIN-код в РИНЦ: 5704-1287