Dmitrievsky Anatoly Nikolaevich

Professional Appointments
 Since 2015 — Scientific supervisor of OGRI RAS;
 Since 2001 — Head of hydrocarbon reservoir modeling department at the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas;
 Since 1976 — Scientific supervisor of the combined industry scientific research laboratory for the oil and gas reserves problems of the Eastern Siberia;
 1991–2015 — Director of OGRI RAS;
 1988–1991 — Deputy director;
 1961–1988 — Assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, chairman, vice-rector for research of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.
Research Interests
 Lithology of natural oil and gas reservoirs; pool analysis (systemic approach);
 geological and hydrodynamic modeling;
 oil and gas genesis;
 energetics, dynamics and degassing of the Earth;
 origins of the Universe;
 oil and gas industry raw materials base;
 oil and gas industry ecology;
 innovative development of the oil and gas industry;
 geopolitics and energetic security.
Scientific achievements
 Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Russian Federation State Prize, Russian Federation Government Prize, academician I.M. Gubkin Prize, «Gaszprom» OJSC prize, A.N. Kosygin proze, «Gold ROSING-2005» prize, N.K. Baibakov prize.
 Awarded the Albert Einstein gold medal «For the development of science», V.G. Shuhov gold medal «For great contribution to the development of engineering science and technics», P.L. Kapitza medal «To author of a scientific discovery».
 For great achievements in the development of national science and lasting personal contribution awarded the Order «For Merit to the Fatherland», IV degree, order «Friendship of Peoples», order of Honor, medals «For Valorous Labor», «Veteran of Labor», «Moscow 850 anniversary» memorial medal.
 Honorable Worker of Gas Industry, Honorable Oil Worker, Honorable Prospector, Honorable Scientist and Technician.
 Author of over 900 scientific publications, including 47 monographs, 14 scientific booklets and study guides, holder of 47 discoveries, inventions and patents. Original discoverer of 12 oil and gas deposits.
 Tel.: +8(499)135-73-71
 Telefax +8(499) 135-54-65


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