Bogdan Nikolay Antonovich

 In 1982 he graduated from Brest technical school of railway transport,
 in 1993 — Moscow Mining Institute with a specialization in «Technology and Integrated Mechanization of Mineral Deposits Open Development» .
Professional activity
 1985–1999 — surveyor of Radoshkovichi open-pit working of the Belarusian Railways;
 1999–2016 — held various positions in Gospromnadzor: state mine inspector of the Interregional Mining Inspectorate, Deputy head of Minsk Department, Head of the organizational and analytical department;
 from 2016 — Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision of Safe Work in Industry of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Gospromnadzor).
Scientific interests and achievements
 Safety and protection from emergencies.
 He is also the member of Gospromnadzor board, Deputy chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of Gospromnadzor (STC), Head of STC sections: mining and blasting operations, metallurgical plants and ammunition disposal; chemical industry and grain processing; equipment operating under pressure, and thermal power plants; lifting structures and attractions; gas supply systems and main pipelines; transportation of dangerous goods.
 He was awarded with the honorary certificates of Promatomnadzor, Minoblispolkom, Gospromnadzor, EMERCOM of the Republic of Belarus and award pin «60 год Дэпартаменту па наглядзе за бяспечным вядзеннем работ у прамысловасці Міністэрства па надзвычайных сітуацыях Рэспублікі Беларусь».