Read in №9 of 2020 year "Practice and Legal Basis of Rostechnadzor Activity in the Process of Technological Connection of the Electrical Installations"

31 авг 2020

The practice and legal grounds for implementation of the authorities of executive body — Rostechnadzor, is analyzed in the article. Rostechnadzor issues a permit for admission to the operation of the electrical installations during their technological connection. The article considers the categorization of the applicants who need to obtain a permit from Rostechnadzor for admission to the operation of electrical installations. It is done in accordance with the permissible power of the electrical installation and the required category of power supply reliability. The applicants or individuals (without the status of an individual entrepreneur) are included into a separate category. This is done for simplifying the procedure for technological connection in terms of the requirements and subsequent receipt of a permit for electrical installation commissioning.  The issues are highlighted related to the organization by Rostecnadzor of issuing permits for admission to the operation of electrical installations and the transition to a subject-oriented model in relation to issuing permits for admission to operation.

The main violations are shown, which were identified by Rosteсhnadzor specialists when reviewing the documents of the applicants and inspecting the electrical installations allowed for operation. The main criterion for checking the technical feasibility of technological connection in the form of limiting the electrical installation throughput is given. The need in admission of power receivers is substantiated based on their rated power and the introduction into the Rules for Technological Connection of Power Receivers of the requirement for obtaining permit from Rostechnadzor for admission to operation at each stage of power receivers commissioning based on their maximum capacity in totality on all the stages. If the applicants need to obtain a permit from Rostechnadzor for admission to operation, then the grid organizations are recommended to clarify Rostechnadzor requirements and these rules.

  • Pribytkov Yu.B.
    Pribytkov Yu.B., Expert Scientific and educational center «Integrated safety and security», Volgograd, Russia Candidate Volgograd Institute of Management, branch of RANEPA, Volgograd, Russia
  • Zenina E.G.
    Zenina E.G.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof., Head of the Department NIU MPEI (branch), Volzhskiy, Russia