Read in №9 of 2019 year "Monitoring of Steel Ropes Condition with Technical Diagnostics Automated Means"

24 сен 2019

Technical condition of steel ropes in the scope of various technical and lifting devices plays an important role in ensuring safety of these objects. To ensure safe operation of lifting devices, more than 30 years ago the uniform norms for rope rejection were developed and put into practice based on their inspection using different non-destructive testing methods. At the same time, for safe operation of various technical and lifting devices it is required to provide automation of processes for monitoring of steel ropes technical condition over a certain period of time. The need for such control is caused by the necessity to create the ropes monitoring system with the development of appropriate non-destructive testing devices, methods, substantiations, data processing systems and their transmission to the control center. Monitoring of ropes with automated non-destructive testing means creates the conditions for improving safety of operation of the drilling rigs, mine hoists, hot-metal crane of the metallurgical plants and other hazardous objects. At the same time, a significant economic effect arises due to a more complete use of the rope service life, elimination of the temporary shut-down of the technological process for its technical control, and the reduction in the number of the qualified personnel for conducting non-destructive testing. Creation of the automated means of non-destructive testing for rope monitoring is impossible without ensuring high reliability of the equipment in the difficult operating conditions, developing specialized software, as well as solving other important tasks. As an example, the automated magnetic flaw detector INTROS-AUTO and the experience of its application in various hazardous objects are considered. The timeliness of creating the regulatory-technical base for monitoring and automated diagnostics of steel ropes is shown.

  • Kotelnikov V.S.
    Kotelnikov V.S.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., General Director JSC «STC «Industrial Safety», Moscow, Russia
  • Sukhorukov V.V.
    Sukhorukov V.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., President, ООО «INTRON PLYuS», Moscow, Russia