Read in №8 of 2020 year "Influence of the Professional Burnout and Depression on Occupational Safety, their Comprehensive Prevention"

10 авг 2020

Influence of a person psychological state on occupational safety is studied. This issue is particularly relevant in the period of acceleration of the scientific and technological progress, from which the development of human mentality and the ability of the psychological adaptation to constantly changing life-sustaining activity should not be left behind. 

The aim of the article is to study the depression features and their effect on labor safety of the specialists in the field of occupational safety with different levels of professional burnout.

The study was carried out using the following tests: Maslach Burnout Inventory — the version for engineering and technical employees, developed by С. Maslach and S. Jackson, in adaptation of N.E. Vodopyanova; Beck Depression Inventory and Zung Self-Rating Depression Test. Testing of specialists in the field of occupational safety was carried out. The number of subjects is 55 persons. Testing revealed the relationship and interdependence of the syndrome of professional burnout and depression as well as their effect on occupational safety. It is shown that as the level of burnout syndrome increases, there is an increase in depression in the subjects. The formation of symptoms of the burnout is primary. As this phenomenon progresses, the depressive disorders are added to the burnout.

Recommendations are presented on ensuring industrial safety taking into account the human factor, including: consideration of the individual and human personality of a human subject in professional orientation and choice of profession; a system of psychological support for a specialist, including in the periods of age and professional crises; mentoring of young specialists. The obtained results can be used to ensure industrial safety.

  • Merzlyakova D.R.
    Merzlyakova D.R.
    Cand.. Sci. (Psy.), Assoc. Prof., Institute of Civil Protection of the Udmurt State University, Izhevsk, Russia
  • Miroshnichenko A.A.
    Miroshnichenko A.A.
    Dr. Sci. (Pedag.), Prof., Head of Department The Glazov Korolenko State Pedagogical Institute, Glazov, Russia