Read in №8 of 2019 year "Title Retrospective and Modernization of Rostechnadzor Public Services"

28 авг 2019

Since the beginning of the XVIII century the system of providing analogues of public services in Russia has undergone significant changes with regards to legal regulation and the order for their rendering. Provision of public services is one of the most important areas of Rostechnadzor activity. Rostechnadzor is currently rendering 27 public services. 12 of these services are provided in electronic form.

Legal retrospective of public services is considered. The basic principles of public services rendering are described. The results are summed up concerning the administrative reform in the field of rendering public services. Description of the development of public administration system that influenced the improvement of quality and accessibility of Rostechnadzor public services is presented.  The requirements of the applicant or his legal representative on the restoration or protection of the violated rights or legitimate interests of the applicant by the public service provider are identified. Digitalization of processes of public services remdering by Rostechnadzor for the current moment and the near future is described.

The presented review shows that the legal regulation of public services rendering by Rostechnadzor is determined primarily by regulatory control at the federal level. Rostechnadzor takes all measures to achieve the required quality of rendering public services, since this is an important part of the department work. The area related to public services is developing, and it has a great future. In this regard the certain tasks face both the central office of Rostehnadzor, and its territorial bodies.

  • Yakovlev D.A.
    Yakovlev D.A.
    Department Head, Rostechnadzor, Moscow, Russia
  • Degtyareva A.A.
    Degtyareva A.A.
    Deputy Department Head Rostechnadzor, Moscow, Russia