Read in №8 of 2019 year "About One Approach to the Calculation of Coal Outburst from Gas-bearing Seam Hosting Geological Disturbances"

28 авг 2019

The model of the geomechanical state of the coal seam hosting the «weak» layer and the geological disturbance, which is a reservoir with the compressed methane, is built on the fundamental methods of solid mechanics. Condition for coal burst into the working is the imbalance of part of the layer under the influence of methane pressure in the reservoir located at a distance critical from the edge of the bed and the friction forces at the contact of the layer and the coal bed. The stress state in the layer is determined by numerical calculation of the boundary problems of the limit state theory for the number of the specific sections. The friction forces are calculated by integrating tangential stresses found during solution of boundary value problems along the layer contact with the seam.

Within the framework of the developed model, the computational experiment was conducted for the number of characteristics of strength and power of the layer and the curve parameter describing the change in the pressure of the free methane in the coal seam. The graphs that establish the relationship between the characteristics of the strength of the layer and its critical length corresponding to the beginning of the outburst are smoothly decreasing gentle curves. It is shown that with an increase in the thickness of the layer, the values of the critical length corresponding to the outburst also increase, while the strength characteristics of the layer also increase.

Quantitative estimates are given between the critical length of the «weak» layer and the value of the parameter characterizing the intensity of methane pressure growth. It is established that at the values of this parameter corresponding to the achievement of hydrostatic pressure by the methane pressure in the close vicinity to the seam edge, the coal outburst can occur at rather high characteristics of the layer strength.

  • Cherdantsev N.V.
    Cherdantsev N.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Chief Research Associate, Federal Research Centre of Coal and Coal Chemistry of SO RAN, Kemerovo, Russia