Read in №8 of 2019 year "On the Possibility of Normalizing Air Temperature in the Mine Workings of the Oil Mines"

29 авг 2019

The article considers the problem of reducing air temperature in the working areas of the mine workings in the oil mines. The employees are exposed to the negative effects of the heating microclimate, which is formed as a result of heat sources presence. The influence of these sources is changed depending on the duration of the sloping unit operation. Assessment was carried out and the main source of heat gain in the air of the mine workings was identified. It is produced oil-containing products, which are transported in an open way. The temperature of this source is rapidly increasing starting from the first year, and it is not reduced to the end of the operation. The temperature of this source is growing rapidly, starting from the first year, and it is not decreased until the end of the operation. The heat flux from this source throughout the entire time exceeds the others. This fact suggests that the reduction of heat gain from the oil-containing products will allow to reduce air temperature in the working areas. To achieve this set goal, it is proposed to use thermally insulating means of employee collective protection. The authors calculated the necessary parameters of such a tool that reduces the heat gain during transportation of oil-containing products ensuring acceptable values of air temperature in the working areas. Using mathematical modeling means, the temperature of the insulation surface is determined, at which the air temperature at the workplaces will correspond to the acceptable values. The calculation algorithm is proposed and the assessment of the risk of employees overheating at different operating periods of the sloping unit is carried out. The algorithm is implemented as a computer program. Examples of the calculation in the program are given. Assessment was made concerning risk reduction. Increase in the air velocity contributes to a more significant reduction in risk. The calculation was made of the insulating material parameters, which can ensure the given surface temperature of the collective protective equipment. Insulation material is proposed, which has an adequate thermophysical parameters and is suitable for use in the oil mines.

  • Rudakov M.L.
    Rudakov M.L.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Head of the Department Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Korobitsyna M.A.
    Korobitsyna M.A.
    Candidate St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia