Read in №7 of 2020 year "Method for Сalculating the Geometric Characteristics of the Biological Protection Screen for Radar Stations"

30 июн 2020

Protection of radar stations personnel and equipment from electromagnetic radiation is of great practical importance. Its key element is a special biological protection screen that prevents radiation from entering the protected area or significantly reduces the level of the electromagnetic field in it. Today, despite a significant number of works devoted to the problem of engineering protection from radiation exposure and the creation of new effective structures and materials for protective screens, both in our country and abroad, there is no single method that allows to determine the geometric characteristics of the protective screen based on data on the configuration and parameters of the radar station. This method should be based not only on the analysis of the beam path in the approximation of geometric optics, but also take into account the diffraction effects at the edge of the screen, which lead to the penetration of electromagnetic radiation into the zone of its geometric shadow. Moreover, the diffraction effects, taking into account the sufficiently large wavelengths of radiation from the radio range and the distances between the screen and the protected structures, will be a significant factor in terms of radio wave propagation, which cannot be ignored when designing protective screens.

The method for calculating the geometric characteristics of biological protection screens from electromagnetic radiation from radar stations is considered in the article. At its first stage, the energy flux density in the protected zone is determined in the absence of a biological protection screen for subsequent comparison with the maximum permissible levels regulated by sanitary rules and norms. 

The thickness of the protective screen and the material from which it should be made, the geometric characteristics of the screen, and the influence of diffraction phenomena on these characteristics are shown. The characteristics of biological protection screens were calculated considering the requirements for the level of electromagnetic radiation in the protected area.

  • Strakhov S.Yu.
    Strakhov S.Yu.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Head of Department, Baltic State Technical University VOENMEH, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Sotnikova N.V.
    Sotnikova N.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof. Baltic State Technical University VOENMEH, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Strakhova A.S.
    Strakhova A.S.
    Undergraduate Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University «LETI», Saint-Petersburg, Russia