Read in №7 of 2019 year "Development of Methods for the Current Forecast of Coal and Gas Sudden Outburst at the Mines of Kuzbass"

23 июл 2019

The results are given concerning the analysis of forecasting methods of coal and gas sudden outburst at the mines of Kuzbass. At the depths below the outburst hazard on critical factor, the current forecast method is used which is based on controlling the main outburst hazard factors (rock pressure, gas in-situ pressure, coal strength). Control is implemented on the initial outgassing rate and the output of drill cuttings during the interval drilling of check boreholes. In practice, the simplified version of this method is used - according to the structure of the reservoir and the initial rate of gas release when drilling test pits. Both of the specified approaches require a lot of time, which led to the need for  implementing the automated geophysical methods: the most common of them are spectral-acoustic and microseismic, also called acoustic emission method. In addition to them, gas analysis and temperature methods are known.

Each of the four methods listed separately gives an insufficiently reliable forecast. To increase reliability the method is substantiated analytically, where the stress state is controlled by the spectral-acoustic method, and the gas factor is determined by the gas analytical method (on gas concentration at roadhead). The coal strength is periodically measured by the device for coal strength measurement. The principle of work of this device is based on the implementation of the metal punch into coal under the action of the spring mechanism. The outburst hazard index is determined by the spectral-acoustic method, and its critical value is continuously adjusted based on the measurements of gas concentration at the road head by the air-gas control equipment.

The results of the presented studies will be used for developing the methodology of determining the critical value of the outburst hazard index by spectral-acoustic method for specific mining-and-geological and mining conditions of the development of workings.

  • Shadrin A.V.
    Shadrin A.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher, Coal Institute FITs UUKh SO RAN, Kemerovo, Russia