Read in №6 of 2020 year "Functional Part of the Outburst Hazard Forecast Subsystem of the Multifunctional Coal Mine Safety System"

04 июн 2020

Substantiation of one of the promising options for the implementation of the functional part of the outburst hazard forecast subsystem of the multifunctional mine safety system is given. The functional part of the subsystem is defined as the analytical and experimental justification of the algorithm for solving the problem of continuous automated forecast of sudden coal and gas outburst for a specific mine face based on the control of the main outburst hazard factors. The main factors taken are as follows: rock pressure estimated by the spectral-acoustic method; in-situ gas pressure estimated by methane concentration at the working face measured by aero-gas control equipment; coal strength periodically measured by strength meter. Preparation of a sudden outburst is represented by two stages: the beginning of the development of cracks in the face space, as a result of which the block structure of coal is formed, and the beginning of extrusion into the working of the layer of coal from the mouth of the future outburst cavity. For each stage, the outburst hazard criteria are defined for two options of determining the outburst hazard index by the spectral-acoustic method: as the ratio of high-frequency and low-frequency components of the noise spectrum of the working mining equipment, and as the ratio of the current and critical values of the medians of the amplitude-frequency noise characteristics. The methodology for the experimental determination of the outburst hazard criterion for a specific mine working based on data obtained as a result of fulfilling the outburst hazard forecast by successively instrumental and spectral-acoustic methods is substantiated in the article. As an instrumental method, the method was selected according to the initial gas release rate and the yield of drill cuttings when drilling a control hole as the most reliable method for assessing the main factors of outburst hazard. The given justification of the functional part can be used for developing technical assignment for the manufacturing hazard outburst forecast subsystem combined with the aero-gas control subsystem of the multifunctional mine safety system.

  • Shadrin A.V.
    Shadrin A.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher, Coal Institute FITs UUKh SO RAN, Kemerovo, Russia