Read in №6 of 2019 year "Experience of Operation of the Mine Winding Plants Equipped with Continuous Monitoring Systems"

20 июн 2019

The experience of using continuous monitoring systems for electromechanical equipment of the winding plants, mine shafts and hoisting ropes ensuring safe operation of the mine winding plants is summarized. The parameter recorders installed on winding plants provide for control and prompt detection of the equipment operation malfunction. The parameter recorder interpretation allows to obtain objective information when investigating the circumstances of incidents and accidents at hoisting. The description is given of the monitoring system for the smooth movement of the conveyances of Karst hardware-software complex, which evaluates the state of the «conveyance-rigid equipment» of the shaft during each hoisting cycle. Information about the skip acceleration in the lateral and frontal directions in the horizontal plane, vertical acceleration and speed of movement of the skip with reference to the equipment tiers and the current time is stored in the archive of the Karst hardware-software complex and available for analysis and documentation by the maintenance staff. The result of the on-line processing of the information by the software of Karst hardware-software complex is sending the warning signals to maintenance staff and blocking signals to the winding plant control system when the specified values of the movement parameters are exceeded. Based on the experience gained in monitoring the technical condition of mine winding plants at PAO Uralkali, general requirements were formulated the functionality of continuous monitoring systems of winding plants parameters. Barkas hardware-software complex was developed to increase the lifespan of hoisting ropes and their safe operation until the service life is fully exhausted. It is proposed to evaluate technical condition of hoisting ropes on the intensity of changes in their tensile stiffness.

  • Trifanov G.D.
    Trifanov G.D.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Head of the Department, PNIPU, Perm, Russia
  • Knyazev A.A.
    Knyazev A.A.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant PNIPU, Perm, Russia
  • Filatov A.P.
    Filatov A.P.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Department Head Rostechnadzor, Moscow, Russia
  • Lauk V.V.
    Lauk V.V.
    Technical Director PАО « Uralkaliy», Berezniki, Russia