Read in №6 of 2019 year "Model of the Specialist in the Field of Industrial Safety"

20 июн 2019

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, the organization operating hazardous production facility is obliged to allow those persons to work who meet the relevant qualification requirements at a hazardous production facility, and to ensure training and certification of the employees in the field of industrial safety.

Socio-economic state of the modern society assumes the orientation of the education process on the development of personal qualities, formation of general and professional culture of both the future specialist and the working employees of the enterprises.

Based on the review of the results of the analysis, the provisions of the Unified qualification directory of the positions of managers, specialists and employees, professional standards, federal state educational standards of higher education in the areas of the undergraduate training and actual requirements for operating hazardous production facility, the summary list was formed concerning the functions for the leader and the specialist in the field of industrial safety . Among these are: organization and performance of work on the equipment operation; organization of work of the small groups of performers; control over the personnel and performance of work on the equipment; participation in the investigation of accidents and the development of measures for their prevention; organization of work on knowledge testing and staff development; formation of the documentation on equipment operation; equipment maintenance; control of compliance with the technological discipline.

Totality of the required qualities of the specialist is described using the professional graphic approach. Professiogram can act as a model of the required level of professional and personal qualities of the personality.

Regarding professiograms — model of the specialist — it is noted that for different specialties it will differ in content, set of competencies and personality traits. Depending on the hazard class of a hazardous production facility, appropriate changes and additions may be made to it.

  • Gorina L.N.
    Gorina L.N.
    Dr. Sci. (Educat.), Prof., Head of the Department, Pro rector — Director Institute of Engineering and Environmental Safety of FGBOU VO «Tolyattinskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet», Tolyatti, Russia
  • Panishev A.L.
    Panishev A.L.
    Department Head Sredne-Povolzhskoe upravlenie of Rostechnadzor, Tolyatti, Russia