Read in №5 of 2020 year "Parametric Justification for Equipping the Object with Fire Extinguishers"

29 апр 2020

The article describes the algorithm and the method of parametric assessment of fire extinguishers predicted efficiency. It is shown that the current requirements for the parameters of fire extinguishers do not ensure efficient protection of the operator from the effects of harmful fire factors. The test results and the parameters of fire extinguishers declared by the manufacturers are presented.

Based on the experiments, the requirement for the range of supply of the extinguishing agent as the most important factor in the successful use of a fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire is substantiated. The concept is introduced concerning the effective jet length at the exit of the extinguisher nozzle. The requirements for the main parameters of a fire extinguisher are given, compliance with which corresponds to the conditions for safe fire - fighting. Substantiation is provided related to the need of fire extinguisher stock or the presence of an additional fire extinguisher. The results are based on the analysis of a database of fire extinguishers of various types and volumes. Fire experiments were carried out on the standardized fire sources. Extinguishing was performed by the operators in protective clothing and without protective equipment, but from the distance of fire extinguisher safe usage. The algorithm is proposed related to fire extinguisher selection for the object equipping taking into account physical properties of the environment and fire- fighting conditions.

Based on the calculation analysis, a safe distance from the operator without protective equipment to the outer edge of the flame of the standardized fire sources was determined. The obtained calculation results are confirmed by the experiments on extinguishing standardized fire sources using solid fuel (firewood) and liquids (gasoline). The supply range of the extinguishing agent should be normalized, considering the rank of the standardized fire source, and not the size of the extinguisher.

From the comparative calculation and experimental analysis, it follows, that for extinguishing the standardized fire source with a reliability of no worse than 0,99, it is advisable to use one extinguisher with a double stock of extinguishing agent or two extinguishers.

The algorithm and the method of equipping an object are proposed considering the actual parameters of fire-extinguisher, safety conditions for the operator and the extinguishing reliability. The conducted analysis showed that in order to increase the fire safety of the facilities, it is required to make corrections in the current normative-technical documentation.

  • Bordakov V.N.
    Bordakov V.N.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Chief Designer, LLC «SOVA», Moscow, Russia