Read in №5 of 2020 year "On the Problem of Work Injuries Record and on Reduction of Injury Hazard Risk in Construction"

29 апр 2020

Issues related to the investigation and record of the work injuries in the construction industry of Russia are considered. Data on the work injuries in the construction industry in Russia and the Kaliningrad region for a number of years is presented. To process this data, the modern mathematical and statistical methods are used. It is proved that the problem of work injuries record is not regional, but all-Russian, requiring the adoption of preventive- prophylactic actions at the country level.

Based on data of the number of countries (Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Germany, the European Union) the hyperbolic dependence between the coefficient of the frequency of fatal incidents and the general coefficient of the frequency of incidents is revealed. Since the dependence of mortality on the frequency of general injury rate is of great practical importance, the correlation ratio of mortality to the total frequency of injuries was determined in the article, and the error of the correlation ratio was calculated. It was found that the correlation between the values of the considered indicators is quite high. Thus, the lack of record of the mild cases, non-conducting the preventive work on them are the reasons for the increase in the frequency of fatal incidents.

The main areas of reducing risk of injury hazard, need to increase the role of self-regulatory organizations in rendering aid to the small construction enterprises on the issues of ensuring occupational and industrial safety are specified in the article

  • Basarab A.
    Basarab A.
    Occupational Safety Specialist, Kaliningrad office Public Auction Company (PAC) «Rostelecom», Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Minko V.M.
    Minko V.M.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Head of the Department Kaliningrad State Technical University, Kaliningrad, Russia