Read in №5 of 2019 year "Prospective Directions for the Development of Multifunctional Coal Mine Safety and Security Systems"

20 май 2019

Main directions of the multifunctional safety and security systems development for the coal mines are considered. Efficiency of the aerogas control can be enhanced particularly through the widespread application of the modern portable multifunctional means of individual control, information recept and transmission. At the same time, the use of the optoelectronic technologies improves the quality and metrological characteristics of gas analyzers. Reliability and noise immunity of the transmitted messages through the trunk lines can be increased by replacing cables with copper conductors with fiber-optic communication lines. Improvement of the quality, speed and increase in the amount of the information transmitted is especially important in case of pre-emergency and emergency situations. With the increase in the amount of information transmitted through the mine communication channels, the probability of failures in the system of control and safety due to the human factor increases. The issues of protection against possible errors and unauthorized access are considered. One of the promising areas for the development of the safety management system is the creation of integrated complex systems of control, management and ensuring safety based on the automated process control and management systems, and multi-functional enterprise safety and security systems. This will accelerate the design and implementation of the systems while reducing the costs. When calculating the economic effect from the use of multifunctional safety and security systems, it is required to distinguish technical, program, information and organizational aspects.

The role of pre-project inspections of the enterprises when creating the integrated automated systems of control, management and ensuring safety is increasing. The rational combination and use of the wired and wireless communication channels, the use of portable devices and the application of the modern digital technologies will allow to ensure the high scientific and technical level of the development.

  • Khivrin M.V.
    Khivrin M.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Associate Professor, NITU «MISiS», Moscow, Russia