Read in №5 of 2019 year "Specifics of Geomechanical Processes in the Rock Mass when Mining the Coal Seam"

17 май 2019

Geomechanical processes occurring during coal bed extraction with a long working face form the intensive gas flows, both into the mined-out space and to the surface, becoming the cause of gas hazard for mines and land structures. Need for the development of studies in the field of geomechanical processes and their gas-dynamic consequences at the underground coal mining is conditioned by the sharp change in the parameters and modes of mining operations in recent decades. The result of conducting mining operations is the reduction of geostatic stresses in the host massif. Since the methane is released from coal seams as the stresses decrease, the regularities of changes in the stress state of the massif can be established using the mine aero-gas dynamics methods, i.e. by studying the causes of unevenness of methane abundance of the working area, registered by the system of aerogas control. The general condition for the mining of coal seams is the geomechanical structuring of the massif in the vicinity of the extraction pillar, which occurs during the working face movement. It is the basis of the developed parametric model of the geomechanical structurization of the host massif when conducting underground mining. The model clarifies the regularities of the classical geomechanics and is based on modern achievements of nonlinear geomechanics in the field of the deformation-wave nature of geomechanical processes in the vicinity of the workings. The main load during displacement of rocks in the vicinity of the working face is carried by the coal seam and the lining of the working face, therefore, the pressure changes in the lining support reflect the nature of taking place processes. The results are given concerning the studies of pressures in the supports of sections of the mechanized lining, which show a sufficient adequacy of the parameters of technogenic structuring of the host massif to the actual data on the heights of pressure arches. Creating the model for the development of geomechanical processes is aimed at searching for more efficient (in terms of gas safety) methods for solving engineering problems of coal mining enterprises based on modern scientific knowledge.

  • Kozyreva E.N.
    Kozyreva E.N.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher FITs UUKh SO RAN, Kemerovo, Russia
  • Shinkevich M.V.
    Shinkevich M.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant, Federal Research Centre of Coal and Coal Chemistry of SO RAN, Kemerovo, Russia