Read in №4 of 2020 year "Assessment of the Design Solution Efficiency on the Modernization of Fire Warning and Evacuation Management System for Ensuring Fire Safety of the Woodworking Industry"

25 мар 2020

When ensuring safety of human life, the most optimal is the concept of absolute safety. However, the modern scientific and technical progress is accompanied by a high probability of technogenic emergency situations occurrence (fires and explosions). They have traumatic factors for a human being and result in significant material losses to the facility on which they occurred.

In this context, the woodworking is not the exception. It is related to explosive and fire hazardous industries due to the presence of a significant amount of combustible wood dust, use of flammable materials, varnishes, paints and the property of wood self-igniting.

Existing means and methods of ensuring fire safety are extremely diverse. However, if the preventive measures turned out to be insolvent, then it is the active means of protection, such as fire warning and evacuation management system in particular will help to avoid or reduce the negative impact of inhibiting factors through the rapid evacuation of a person from the area of exposure. This directly correlates with the quality of the configuration of the warning system and evacuation management system, including the technical characteristics of annunciators. It is also important to consider the economic justification of the engineering solution of this system, since the material load falls mainly on the object itself.

The woodworking workshop is one of the most complex engineering system, and stopping its activities in the event of penalties, and even more so a fire, will lead to the downtime of the entire enterprise and significant losses, therefore, the modernization of fire protection systems, including warning and evacuation systems, will allow to reduce the fire load, ensuring safety of the facility and its economic development.

  • Emelyanova V.A.
    Emelyanova V.A.
    Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Assoc. Prof., FGAOU VO Emergency protection North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol, Russia