Read in №4 of 2019 year "Improvement of the Mine Technical Safety for the Underground Workings"

24 апр 2019

The main scientific and practical results of studies related to mine technical safety improvement for the underground workings based on the processes of structuring the massif under the conditions of rocks zonal disintegration around the underground workings using the methods of equivalent, optical polarization and electrically conductive materials are presented in the article. The boundaries of the zones were determined based on conformity of stresses to the value of Н. The results of studies of the parameters of zones on the physical models showed the possibility of visualizing the massif zonal stress, the ellipsoid shape of zones and their centering in relation to the workings. The relations of vertical and horizontal semi-axles of zones for development workings and shrink stopings are established, and the convergence of the obtained values is determined. Theoretical studies of the zonal disintegration of rocks around the underground workings were carried out by the finite element method and by the thermodynamic method. As a result, the sizes were modeled, and the number of zones formed around the development and excavation workings was identified. The ratio of vertical and horizontal semi-axles of zones in the massif is established, and the reliability of the obtained results is determined. The possibilities are revealed concerning widely used numerical modeling methods for study of phenomenon indicators of the zonal disintegration of rocks around the underground workings. As a result of modeling of zones sizes and shapes formed in the massif around the underground workings, the requirements for synergetic research methods were developed, consisting in the possibility of determining, in addition to quantity, the sizes and shapes of zones, as well as sinusoidally damped stresses and annular areas of massif deformations.

  • Khomenko O.E.
    Khomenko O.E.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., National Technical University «Dneprovskaya Politekhnika», Dnepr, Ukraine
  • Lyashenko V.I.
    Lyashenko V.I.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant, GP «UkrNIPII promtekhnologii», Zheltuye Vody, Ukraine