Read in №4 of 2019 year "Building of the Multi-functional Safety and Security System to Ensure Safe Transportation Conditions of the Rock Mass by Open-pit Dump Trucks"

24 апр 2019

Fatal injuries resulting from the transport incidents have a significant percentage of the total number of fatal injuries at open-pit coal mining. Transport incidents occur due to the realization of hazardous factors in the work environment: low visibility while motor vehicle driving, rock mass collapse, unfavorable road conditions, failure of dump truck components and assemblies, non-observance of speed limits, personnel staying in the hitch area of vehicles, psycho-physiological condition of the drivers, and, etc. In order to ensure the conditions of technical devices safe operation, operational management of production technological processes in the open-pit coal mine, non-admission of the development of hazardous industrial situations, the complexes of technical, technological, engineering and information systems should be combined into a multifunctional safety and security system.

The process of selecting systems for the multifunctional safety and security system is considered, which guarantees safe conditions for the transportation of rock at mineral deposits open-pit mining operations. Building of the multifunctional safety and security system to ensure safe transportation of the rock mass is carried out using the design of the automated dispatching system of the mining transport complex. Automated dispatching system allows to control the location of mining equipment, determine the speed modes; using the data obtained it becomes possible quickly to limit the access of people and equipment to hazardous areas. The multifunctional safety and security system allows to monitor the air of the working areas of the open-casts, monitoring the stability of the sides and benches of the open-casts and the condition of tires of the dump trucks, avoid overloads, control the condition of the dump trucks suspenders, track the psycho-physiological condition of the drivers.

  • Portola V.A.
    Portola V.A.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., KuzGTU named after T.F. Gorbacheva, Kemerovo, Russia
  • Skudarnov D.E.
    Skudarnov D.E.
    Candidate, KuzGTU named after T.F. Gorbachev, Kemerovo, Russia