Read in №3 of 2020 year "Optimal Choice of the Portable Grounding Device for the Contact Network based on the Bayes — Laplace Criterion"

11 мар 2020

High individual risk of electric injury to the employees maintaining contact network testifies about the need in increasing the level of electrical safety during operation and repair of the railway transportation. Significant part of electric injuries on the contact networks of the Russian Railways occurs due to conscious refusal by the employees to install the insulating rods, rods for potential transferring and equalizing at the workplace. Another common cause of injuries is the deliberate violation by the personnel of labor protection requirements for the use of the above devices.

A wide range of the insulating rods with different technical characteristics for applying ground to the contact network of the railways makes it difficult to take a decision when choosing the best possible portable grounding device. When determining the most suitable option, it is proposed to use the Bayes-Laplace criterion considering the weighting coefficients for each of the priority characteristics of this equipment. Presented methods allow to take a decision with minimal industrial risk.

The parameters of the most common portable grounding devices are studied. The determination of the best option with a large number of the estimated factors is justified, taking into account the level of electrical safety and the likelihood of electric injury. One of the ways for increasing personnel safety when maintaining the contact network is to automate monitoring of the process of hanging and removing the portable grounding device, as well as the condition of the grounding rod contact with the contact network. It is proposed to equip the portable grounding device with a controlling device with an autonomous control panel. This will allow to solve the above problem, control the working conditions in real time mode, as well as to organize automatic remote monitoring of the process of using the portable grounding device and the location of the crew.

  • Kuznetsov K.B.
    Kuznetsov K.B.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof. Ural State University of Railway Transport, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Pazukha A.A.
    Pazukha A.A.
    Candidate, Ural State University of Railway Transport, Ekaterinburg, Russia