Read in №3 of 2019 year "Synergetic Approach at the Development of the Mechanism of Gas-dynamic Phenomena in the Salt Rocks"

26 мар 2019

The results are given concerning the studies of the deformation properties of the salt rocks in the field and laboratory conditions. Calculations were made related to energy intensity of rocks destruction at their various natural parameters, as well as the potential energy of rocks and gases. By using synergistic approach, the necessary and sufficient conditions for manifestation of gas-dynamic phenomena in the salt rocks were identified. The nature of dynamic phenomena, including rock bursts, technogenic earthquakes, is diverse, so there can be no unified prediction methods and ways to prevent dynamic phenomena in the mining enterprises. For each specific conditions its own mechanism of the phenomena shall be developed. The objective of the article is to show the methodological approach to solving this problem. When comparing the data of the theoretical, laboratory and field studies of the specific energy intensity of salt destruction and calculations of the potential energy of elastic compression of rocks, it was found that the necessary conditions for brittle fracture are fulfilled in some cases. The considered conditions are mandatory for self-organization of rock destruction in the dynamic form, but they are insufficient. Based on the principles of synergy on improving efficiency at the simultaneous cumulative effect of several factors it is required to involve additional parameters for consideration. Clear understanding of the mechanism of dynamic processes in the rocks during their development allowed the author to substantiate the regional method for prediction of potentially hazardous zones within the mine fields by using geological parameters. The current continuous method for predicting specific energy consumption of the rock destruction by mechanical means using combines, as well as the method of preventing gas-dynamic phenomena, have been tested in the mine conditions.

  • Laptev B.V.
    Laptev B.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant, STC «Industrial Safety» CJSC, Moscow, Russia