Read in №3 of 2019 year "Scientific and Technical Program «Highly Reliable Pipeline Transportation»"

25 мар 2019

In the XXI century the technological and technical solutions that do not ensure social and environmental reliability and safety of structures and objects functioning should not be used. Implemented since 1999, the Interstate Scientific and Technical Program «Highly Reliable Pipeline Transportation» needs to be updated. Field development beyond the Arctic Circle offers new perspectives for oil and gas industry, but also requires development of technological and transport infrastructure. Considering the importance and extraordinary complexity of oil and gas field construction in the polar regions, high requirements for ensuring the reliability and safety of pipeline transportation of oil, oil products and natural gas, the need arises in creating the special program for solving the problems of reliability and safety of the pipeline systems. For creating the program, it is required to involve scientific, design, industrial and construction organizations, to use the latest achievements of science and technology. In particular, it is necessary to add the sections reflecting the specifics of the construction of hydrocarbon production and transport facilities in the extraordinary difficult natural and climatic conditions of the Arctic. In addition, many pipelines are obsolete. Life extension for pipeline systems is the major scientific, technical, and economic task. Increase of the operation service life will require up-to-date technological and engineering solutions, reliability and safety improvement due to reconstruction and modernization of the pipeline systems, since they are the objects of increased hazard. However, at present there is a real reserve for improving quality, structural and overall reliability of the pipeline systems. The main socio-economic and political goal of the proposed program is to facilitate ensuring high reliability and safety of the operated systems and future new generation pipelines using scientific studies, the results of engineering developments, creation of organizational and economic models.

  • Ivantsov O.M.
    Ivantsov O.M.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Chief Scientific Consultant Russian Union of Oil and Gas Constructors, Moscow, Russia
  • Bushova N.N.
    Bushova N.N.
    Scientific Secretary of the Problem Scientific and Technical Council, Russian Union of Oil and Gas Constructors, Moscow, Russia