Read in №3 of 2019 year "Use of Destressing Drilling to Ensure Safety of Donbass Gas-bearing Coal Seams Extraction"

22 мар 2019

Development systems with a return-precise ventilation scheme and roof control by complete collapse is usually used in the mines in most cases. This means that gas-air flows going out from the mined-out space are concentrated at the narrow section behind the lava face. Increase in coal production from the gas-bearing strata is associated with the problem of low efficiency of their degassing. The main reason for this is bad condition of the underground wells. Air inleakages in the area of well influence are risky for miners. Therefore, the significant problem is the methane concentration decrease in the draw-off mixture (bellow the permissible level) that can lead to hazard increase in ignition and gas explosions.

The purpose of the work is to justify the need in using destressing drilling to control rock pressure and ensure safety of the development of gas-bearing coal seams. The study was carried out and the classification of measures was presented related to the control the rock massif state for increasing drainage boreholes stability. The analysis of the current methods of the well safe-guard allowed to establish that the most promising is an integrated approach. Its implementation involves the use of destressing drilling and physico-chemical effects to consolidate the host massif and the formation of the impermeable barrier in the area of the mouths of the undermined wells.

As a result of the conducted study, it was established that the efficiency of degassing of the undermined massif causing an increase in the intensity of mining of gas-bearing strata of Donets Basin, is achieved at the end of distressing drilling at least 36 m before approaching mining face.

  • Golik V.I.
    Golik V.I. Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Chief Research Associate GPI VSC RAS, Vladikavkaz, Russia Prof. North Caucasian State Technological University, Vladikavkaz, Russia
  • Dmitrak Yu.V.
    Dmitrak Yu.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Rector FGBOU VO SKGMI (GTU), Vladikavkaz, Russia
  • Gabaraev O.Z.
    Gabaraev O.Z.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Head of the Department FGBOU VO SKGMI (GTU), Vladikavkaz, Russia
  • Brigida V.S.
    Brigida V.S.
    Senior Lecturer, FGBOU VO SKGMI (GTU), Vladikavkaz, Russia