Read in №2 of 2020 year "Risk Reduction when Conducting Working Conditions Special Assessment"

11 фев 2020

The article presents the results of study related to risk reduction, improvement of the efficiency and quality of conducting working conditions special assessment by increasing the organizational transparency. A set of recommendations, which is developed based on the study results, is presented. It allows to obtain a positive effect for all the concerned parties. Positive social and economic effect is observed even when some of the recommendations are applied as part of one of the stages of the working conditions special assessment. However, the use of the recommendations for only one stage of the procedure for working conditions special assessment does not allow achieving the maximum positive social and economic effect, as well as a significant reduction in risks. The developed set of recommendations is partially based on the analysis of the experience of conducting working conditions special assessment at OOO «Gazprom dobycha Yamburg», and the economic appropriateness of introducing the entire complex or its individual elements should consider the specific features of each particular enterprise. The need in continuous monitoring of the process of conducting working conditions special assessment at the enterprise with the aim of developing and implementing measures aimed at improving its quality and organizational transparency is noted in the article. As a result, this will influence positively on the culture of safety at the enterprise.

  • Shchipanov A.V.
    Shchipanov A.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Associate Professor, Togliatti State University, Togliatti, Russia
  • Smaliy V.I.
    Smaliy V.I.
    Lead Engineer, Regulatory Research Laboratory OOO «Gazprom dobycha Yamburg» PAO «Gazprom», Novy Urengoy, Russia