Read in №2 of 2019 year "Effect of Statistical Straggling of the Yield Strength of 17G1S Pipe Steel Grade on Strength Reliability of the Main Gas Pipelines"

20 фев 2019

Assessment of strength reliability of gas pipelines linear part is one of the key issues both at the design and operation stages of pipeline systems. The main step in solving this problem is the need in defining the laws of stress distribution, which are individual for each linear section, and emerging in the pipe wall due to the effect of the random spectrum of the external load, and the limit stresses for the pipe material, which also have the random nature.

In the work the study was performed concerning the effect of statistical straggling of the yield strength of the material of pipes manufactured by different manufacturers on strength reliability of the main gas pipelines linear sections.

Considered approach allows to consider both the random spectrum of external loads, which are individual for each of the main gas pipeline linear sections, and the statistical nature of the physicomechanical properties of the material of pipes manufactured by various manufacturers in accordance with the technical requirements that existed at the time of piping product output. As a result, the implementation of this approach provides more correct results for strength reliability assessment of gas pipelines linear sections and allows to define the strategy for the subsequent operation, maintenance and repair of gas pipelines linear sections based on the individual approach to each of the inspected sections.

The results of the performed strength reliability analysis are the basis for making various technical decisions on the operating modes of the considered linear sections in accordance with the industry normative- technical documentation of PAO Gazprom.

  • Golofast S.L.
    Golofast S.L.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., OOO «Gazprom proektirovanie», Saint-Petersburg, Russia