Read in №2 of 2019 year "Analysis of Preventive Methods of the Effect on the Rock Massif at the Intensive Development of Coal Deposits by the Underground Method"

21 фев 2019

Ensuring qualitative indicators, reduction of the coal mining costs are of primary, strategic importance, and they are associated with the reliability of the technological processes. Upcoming trend of the development of coal mining is the implementation of physical processes based on the new principles with a generalized concept «geotechnology», which are specific for mining environment. Intensive development of mining operations resulted in growth of the diversity of situations at the mine fields. Making technological decisions assumes that any behavior of the system is already known, and possible problematic situations give way to stereotypical, reference ones. The main types of the operational control of the states of the geomechanical system with complex-mechanized coal excavation: control by changing the technology of coal excavation; control of the mechanized complex operating modes; control based on processing of the massif with giving to it the required properties. It is impossible to create lining that complies with all the characteristics of geomechanical systems, but it is possible to actively influence the massif in order to create in it the required desired state and the reference situation for it in the field of mining face. This state of massif can be considered guaranteed if the values of the physicomechanical properties of the massif are within the required range according to the condition of the interaction of lining with the host rocks. Thus, the conditions are fulfilled concerning the fulfillment of the given behavior of the geomechanical system by solving the problem of ensuring effective operation of the mechanized complexes under the conditions of the disturbed formations. Among the areas of the scientific and technological progress in the coal industry, the development and the evolution of the unconventional technologies and methods of mining in the underground conditions at the existing mines and special sections are the first stage in the area of the development of new mining principles. Analysis of the results shows that these methods are technically feasible and promising.

  • Chernyshov A.V.
    Chernyshov A.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Specialist — Methods Engineer, KG «TERMIKA», Moscow, Russia
  • Kuznetsov Yu.N.
    Kuznetsov Yu.N.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof. NITU MISiS, Moscow, Russia