Read in №12 of 2020 year "Improvement of the Working Conditions of Oil Miners during the Transition from the Thermoshaft Method of High-Viscosity Oil Production to the Modular Mine Method of the Yaregskoye Field Development"

11 дек 2020

The need for high-viscosity oil production in the fields of the Russian Federation is substantiated. The technology of high-viscosity oil production by the thermoshaft method is considered, harmful and hazardous factors at the workplaces of the underground group workers are identified, first of all, the microclimate parameters (increased air temperature of the working area), which effect on the formation of occupational diseases and an increase in the risk of injury to the personnel.

The main problems associated with the imperfection of the technology of the thermoshaft method for the extraction of high-viscosity oil, which effect on the safety of conducting operations for the extraction of heavy oil, are investigated, and presented.

The options  of opening up a high-viscosity oil field with a modular mine, which allows to normalize the thermal regime in mine workings, improve working conditions of the oil miners, reduce the level of occupational diseases and injury rate, reduce the volume of work and the costs of mining operations and maintenance of the mine workings, are considered. The system for the development of the Yaregskoye field of high-viscosity oil with the division of the mine field into separate production blocks using a sectional ventilation scheme, which provides for independent ventilation of each module due to the construction of an air supply and air exhaust shafts in each block-module of the mine is proposed in the article.

The surface and underground complex of shafts for the construction of a modular mine is presented. The calculation is carried out and the results of technical solutions for airing various modifications of mini — mines are given. The drilling gallery was designed, which is typical for all the options of opening. In the designed modular mines, a closed oil gathering system is proposed.

Comparative economic analysis showed the efficiency of the development of new areas of the Yaregskoye high-viscosity oil field using the construction of modular mines.

  • Fomin A.I.
    Fomin A.I.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Leading Researcher AO NTs VostNII, Kemerovo, Russia Prof. FGBOU VO «Kuzbass State Technical University Named after T.F. Gorbachev», Kemerovo, Russia
  • Grunskoy T.V.
    Grunskoy T.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof., Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta, Russia