Read in №11 of 2020 year "Updating of the National Normative Base in the Field of Ensuring Fire Safety of Electrical Wiring"

09 ноя 2020

In Russia every year, according to the statistics, the most fire hazardous types of electrical installations are electrical wiring, from which 65 % of fires occurred in 2019, associated with all the types of electrical installations.

Considering the urgency of the problem, the Federal Research Budgetary Institution of the All-Russian Order of the Badge of Honor, the Research Institute of Fire Defense pays constant attention to increasing the level of fire prevention studies.

One of the most important tasks in the institute activities in this field is the development, updating, modification and harmonization of the national normative base regulating fire safety requirements and methods for assessing the fire safety of electrical installations, and, above all, of course, electrical wiring.

The fundamental regulatory documents are the Technical Regulations TR EEU 043/2017 and the Federal Law of 22.07.2008 № 123-FZ «Technical regulations on fire safety requirements», in the development of the electrical section of which the authors of the article took an active part. Particular attention here deserves Clause 2 of Article 82, which regulates the requirements for fire resistance (operability) of cable lines and electrical wiring systems for fire protection of the objects under fire conditions, and Сlause 8 of the same article, which imposes the requirements that were awaited for a long time by all the branches of industry, agriculture, housing construction and, first of all, of course, power engineers and employees of the fire service: «Cables laid openly must be flame retardant». The requirement applies to all the objects, regardless of their functional fire hazard.

Over the past three years, the Institute carried out a large scientific research and rule-making work on the revision, development and substantiation of the proposed solutions for new editions of the interstate standards for various types of electrical wiring using: molded electrical wiring products, cables of increased fire resistance under fire conditions, fire retardant cable coatings and cable penetrations.

In theoretical terms, the interest is in the proposed by the authors a calculation method for assessment of electrical products fire hazard, based on the stochasticity of emergency modes that cause their failure and ignition.

  • Smelkov G.I.
    Smelkov G.I.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Chief Research Associate, FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, Balashikha, Russia
  • Ryabikov A.I.
    Ryabikov A.I.
    Department Head FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, Balashikha, Russia
  • Pekhotikov V.A.
    Pekhotikov V.A.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, Balashikha, Russia
  • Nazarov A.A.
    Nazarov A.A.
    Deputy Department Head FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM of Russia, Balashikha, Russia