Read in №11 of 2019 year "Forecast of the Dynamics of the Rock Massif State in the Processes of Coal Deposit Underground Mining"

27 ноя 2019

The article discusses the principle of the forecast of zones of dynamic phenomena possible development. It is based on the remote capabilities of the seismic method of reflected waves as tools for recording contrasting seismic reflectors associated with the zones of disintegration within the influence of sinking or second working operations. Developed on this basis GIS MIKON geoinformation hardware and software complex (OOO Ingortech, Yekaterinburg), combines regular aerogas and gas control, operates in continuous technological mode at the coal and ore mines, and testifies about rather high reliability of the forecast of areas of geo and gas-dynamic phenomena likely development at a safe distance from the place of mining operations.

The methodology and technology are presented concerning creation of GIS MIKON geographic information system, which predicts geo-and gas-dynamic phenomena at the mining sites  based on the combined synchronized monitoring of actual methane abundance in the mine workings and seismic assessment of the dynamics of the rock massif state at the distance of their mutual influence. Practice of using this system in the coal mines indicates a rather high level of determination of the forecast of geo-and gas-dynamic phenomena at safe distances from the place of mining operations.

Analysis of the efficient technological measures will ensure the transition from the moment of fixing the state of GIS MIKON DANGER system to its opposite state without negative effect on mining processes.

  • Lapin S.E.
    Lapin S.E.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant, FGBOU VO «UGGU», Yekaterinburg, Russia