Read in №10 of 2020 year "On the Improvement of Non-pillar Methods of Securing Reused Excavation Workings"

19 окт 2020

The key problem of underground mining of mineral deposits is to ensure the stable condition of the rock mass that contains the mine workings when conducting second working and preparatory works. To do this, it is necessary to create conditions that dictate strict requirements for maintaining the working section of workings. Active and often uncontrolled displacement of rocks in the interface zones leads not only to changes, but also to a significant deterioration in the operational condition of the workings, reducing the efficiency and safety of production processes.
Known methods and means of securing workings have a limited scope of application due to the high cost, labor intensity of work or insufficient efficiency. 
Given the current state of the coal industry and the lack of financial support from the state, the main feasible ways to solve the problem of reducing production costs in the conditions of deep mines in the Eastern Donbass should include increasing the level of spatial concentration of work, as well as the use of less material-intensive and cheaper types of support for excavation workings.
To solve the issue of maintaining the development workings of the extraction area and the possibility of non-pillar coal seam mining, a method of securing is proposed. It involves the placement of a rigid cast strip in a transport working and a rigid reusable security structure (multiplier) at the interface between the second and development workings. The structure is installed behind the sections of the mechanized and individual lining or in combination with other security structures (wood chocks and organ timbering, bollards of reinforced concrete blocks), with or without them, but with a mandatory combination of a multiplier with individual support stands.

  • Chernyshov A.V.
    Chernyshov A.V.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Specialist — Methods Engineer, KG «TERMIKA», Moscow, Russia
  • Kuznetsov Yu.N.
    Kuznetsov Yu.N.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof. NITU MISiS, Moscow, Russia