Read in №10 of 2020 year "Methodological Approaches to the Development of an Integral Criterion for Assessing the Condition of 6 kV Power Cables at the Industrial Enterprises"

19 окт 2020

The problem of energy security of industrial enterprises is considered, which is directly related to the technical condition of 6 kV power cables with impregnated paper insulation. The conclusion is made about the need for a unified approach to the prevention of accidents caused by faults and cable defects. The task is to conduct a study and develop an integral criterion that allows identifying the current technical condition of 6 kV power cables. To carry out these studies, a special experimental setup was created in the diagnostic laboratory of the Ufa State Petroleum Technical University. The developed research method is based on the theory of non-destructive testing.
Analysis of the research results based on the analysis of input and output signals of various frequencies, taking into account the characteristics of the power cable, confirmed the fact of changes in the measured values. This indicates the presence of damage and defects inside the cable. Diagnostic parameters were obtained during the research. The relationship between these parameters and the characteristic level of cable defects and damages is established.
Using an artificial neural network, integral diagnostic parameters were formed, and an integral criterion was developed. The use of this criterion will allow to identify faults and defects in power cables and track the dynamics of their development, predict the residual resource of cables, and transfer them to maintenance according to their actual condition. All this will further increase the safety and efficiency of electrical equipment operation at the industrial enterprises.