Read in №10 of 2019 year "Development of Methods to Ensure Safety of Mining, which Facilitate Achievement of the Required Economic Efficiency"

29 окт 2019

Development of methods to ensure safety of mining, which facilitate achievement of the required economic efficiency, is advisable by making production planning considering industrial situations and application of the economic criterion of efficiency of the system for ensuring enterprise safety.

Production planning (at the strategic and operational levels of management) taking into account the predicted and identified hazardous production situations allows to prevent injuries and accidents even if there are certain deviations from safety requirements; facilitate integration of safety activities on ensuring safety directly into production activities of the mining enterprise.

Involvement of the mining enterprise personnel in the work on ensuring safety and efficiency of production provides for changes in the system of enterprise competences. Building (or adjustment) of the system of competencies and corresponding to it competence of the employees is an important method for integrating activities on ensuring safety in the enterprise production activity, as well as increasing its competitiveness in terms of safety and production efficiency. With this approach, the system of ensuring safety becomes an integral and adequate element of production activity and is integrated into the mining enterprise management system. This allows to simultaneously solve the problems of ensuring safety and production efficiency.

  • Nevolina E.M.
    Nevolina E.M.
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Senior Research Assistant ChF IGD UrO RAN, Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • Kravchuk I.L.
    Kravchuk I.L., Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Director Chelyabinsk branch of Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS, Chelyabinsk, Russia Mining Safety Director LLC «NIIOGR», Chelyabinsk, Russia