Read in №10 of 2019 year "Model of the System for Formation of Service and Operational Competence of the Specialist in the Field of Industrial Safety"

29 окт 2019

Modern industrial production, being the main source of the formation of the state and society welfare, in addition, is also a potential threat to life and health of the citizens. Therefore, maintaining the proper state of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities becomes the task of the state. The solution to this problem anticipates introduction of the new instruments of state regulation considering the risk of negative events occurrence at hazardous production facilities and the severity of their consequences.

In general, the implementation of the state policy in the field of industrial safety involves simultaneous actions in many areas. Among them the main ones are high-quality staffing of hazardous production facilities and the change in industrial safety culture. Significant results in these areas can be achieved only through the development and implementation of the new elements of the system of training, retraining of the personnel for hazardous production facilities.

Based on the research results, the generalized characteristics of a specialist in the field of industrial safety are determined.

Formation of a specialist in the field of industrial safety includes four stages of training: bachelor degree level, master degree level, professional activity and additional professional education. Continuity and succession of the education process allows to complete formation of the components of the specialist training system in the field of industrial safety at the stage of additional education.

The model of the specialist competency formation system considered in the article can be used when building the technology for the formation of the service and operational competence of a specialist on safe operation of hazardous production facilities.

  • Gorina L.N.
    Gorina L.N.
    Dr. Sci. (Educat.), Prof., Head of the Department, Pro rector — Director Institute of Engineering and Environmental Safety of FGBOU VO «Tolyattinskiy gosudarstvennyy universitet», Tolyatti, Russia
  • Panishev A.L.
    Panishev A.L.
    Department Head Sredne-Povolzhskoe upravlenie of Rostechnadzor, Tolyatti, Russia