Read in №1 of 2021 year "Improving Safety when Extracting Water-soluble Ores by Optimizing the Parameters of the Backfill Mass"

30 янв 2021

The results of the scientific and research work devoted to modeling the stress-strain state of the mining system of an underground mine using the finite element method in the FLAC3D software are presented in the article. The possibility of using room-and-pillar mining with backfill with the abandonment of chain pillars is justified. The results are presented concerning the research results of the quantitative assessment of the mass using the von Mises equation and Norton' power law of creep to estimate the contour stress. It becomes possible to determine the sequence of mining of the deposit area and the stage-by-stage filling of the stopes at the stage of mining design due to the high accuracy of modeling the stress-strain state of the mass near mining operations using FLAC3D software. The proposed approach is possible when evaluating the geotechnical state of the rock mass when using the mining systems with various methods of support of the mined-out area: natural; artificial; with the collapse of ores and enclosing rocks, as well as when calculating the combined method of deposit development. A differentiated approach to assessing the state of the mass is possible considering difficult mining and geological conditions, conditions of increased rock pressure, abundant water influx, increased fracturing of rocks by introducing additional conditions into the model depending on its geotechnical state.
Variant of the comprehensive exploitation of mineral resources was proposed considering the total value of natural and man-made geo-resources of the area being mined. The possibility of rational use of the mined-out space with the use of various positive qualities of geo-resources at their manmade transformation is also considered.
An assessment of the mineral and raw materials potential of the mined area is given with a proposal for the prospects of increasing the integrated approach of excavation, increasing the life of the mining enterprise and the complexity of developing this area.