Read in №1 of 2021 year "Simulation of a Breathing Apparatus on Chemically Bound Oxygen with a Circular Pendulum Circuit of the Air Duct Part"

21 янв 2021

At present, the main prospects for improving the insulating means of respiratory protection are associated with the chemical method of oxygen reservation. The arguments in favor of this choice are the high packing density of oxygen and its self-regulating supply, depending on the physical activity of a person. The main schemes of the air duct part of breathing apparatus on chemically bound oxygen are circular and pendulum. The attempt is made in the article to combine the advantages of the circular (small harmful space) and pendulum (small volume of the dead layer) schemes of breathing apparatus on chemically bound oxygen.

For these purposes, the formalism method was developed, which allows mathematically and with the help of a computer to simulate the dynamic sorption activity of the regenerative cartridge of a breathing apparatus with a hybrid (circular-pendulum) scheme of the air duct part. The increase in the protective action of the apparatus is determined due to the use of the resource of the dead sorbent layer in the result of the air flow reverse in the pendulum part of the regenerative cartridge. Feasibility of using a hybrid scheme in the self-rescuers with a short period of protective action is shown. The optimal length of the pendulum part is determined, at which the breathing resistance decreases, and the harmful space occupied by the air returning for inhalation without contact with the unreacted layers of the oxygen-containing product is not increased. Its weak dependence on the total length of the regenerative cartridge and the maximum permissible concentration of carbon dioxide in the air returning to inhalation is shown, which makes the circular pendulum scheme realizable in practice.

  • Ekhilevskiy S.G.
    Ekhilevskiy S.G.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Prof., Polotsk State University, Novopolotsk, Republic of Belarus
  • O.V. Golubeva
    O.V. Golubeva
    Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Assoc. Prof., Head of Department Polotsk State University, Novopolotsk, Republic of Belarus
  • E.P. Potapenko
    E.P. Potapenko
    Lead Engineer Production republican unitary enterprise «Vitebskoblgaz», Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus