Read in №1 of 2020 year "Multifunctional Automatic Explosion Suppression-Localization System"

17 янв 2020

Functional characteristics are presented concerning automatic explosion suppression-localization system ASVP-LV.1M. MF(PGI) in accordance with the requirements of p.22. of the Federal rules and regulations in the field of industrial safety «Safety rules in the coal mines». Methodological recommendations are provided for determining optimal distances from the potential centers of explosion to the places of localization means location based on the preliminary determination of the flame front propagation velocity and the excess pressure at the shock wave front depending on the dust cloud concentration. The design of ASVP-LV. 1M. MF (PGI) includes the sensor of intensity of dust deposition that allows to prevent explosion of the coal dust spreading along the mine working with the speed when efficiency of application of explosion suppression system will be extremely low. The system allows to carry out the current control of dust and explosion safety of the mine working.

Multifunctional automatic explosion suppression — localization system ASVP-LV.1M. MF (PGI) allows, having in the structure the sensor of intensity of coal dust accumulation, automatically to define danger of aerological and technogenic character (availability of conditions for possible explosion of the accumulated coal dust).

ASWP-LV.1M. MF (PGI) design provides for placement of the sensor on the receiving board of the device dedicated for remote continuous monitoring of dust deposition in the mine workings (measurements of the mass of dust deposited on the receiving platform of the sensor, and re-calculation of its mass to the value of the surface density). The basis of the work of DIP-1 is the weight method for determining the mass of deposited dust. 

The sensor, in addition to recording the intensity of dust deposition, allows to automatically transmit a signal to the control panel about the limiting dust state of the mine working. In this case, the efficiency of the explosion suppression system will significantly decrease or become impossible. At the request of the client, the sensor can automatically turn off electricity in the local section in order to reduce the probability of the coal dust explosion and conduct subsequently the dust and explosion protection activities.

  • Razumnyak N.L.
    Razumnyak N.L.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Lead Researcher STC «Industrial Safety » CJSC, Moscow, Russia
  • Dzhigrin A.V.
    Dzhigrin A.V.
    Dr. Sci. (Eng.), General Director, ООО «Geotekhnologiya-vzryvozashchita», Lyubertsy, Russia
  • Kharchenko V.F.
    Kharchenko V.F.
    Director ООО «MMK-Ugol», Belovo, Russia
  • Gornostaev V.S.
    Gornostaev V.S.
    Chief Engineer Mine «Chertinskaya-Koksovaya» ООО «MMK-Ugol», Belovo, Russia