Read in №1 of 2019 year "To the Issue of Conservation and Abandonment of Hazardous Production Facilities of Oil and Gas Production Complex «Well Stock»"

23 янв 2019

The article was prepared based on the work conducted by the author in 2017–2018 related to the industrial safety expertise of the documentation for the conservation and abandonment of wells of the facilities of Ural-Volga and West-Siberian regions on the operated fields of one of the leading Russian oil and gas companies. The results were taken into account concerning the expert opinion of general situation in the considered area, which were based on the materials of the industrial safety expertise of the documentation for conservation and abandonment of hazardous production facilities registered in the State register of hazardous production facilities «Well stock».
Organizational issues occurring at various stages of the conservation and (or) abandonment of oil and gas wells of the prospecting and exploration stock are considered. The problems associated with the premature decisions of subsoil users about the conservation and (or) abandonment of wells are specified. The cases are noted that the operating companies do not have legal grounds for conducting activity associated with the practical implementation of the relevant measures. The option is proposed concerning solution of the problem related to efficient recording of wells being on conservation and abandonment at different stages of the field life cycle and due to various reasons. The ultimate goal is to increase industrial safety of hazardous production facilities.
It is noted that the correction needs to be done concerning the existing procedure for accounting oil and gas wells, which are being preserved and abandoned for various reasons along with the quantitative and qualitative changes in the ideological approaches to registering accounting of hazardous production facilities «Well stock» in the State register.

  • Rybalov E.A.
    Rybalov E.A.
    Head of Department, OOO «Tenzor», Moscow, Russia